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Installing Brushify to UE5

Brushify UE5 Tech showcase:

Brushify is fully UE5 compatible. However certain extra steps are required as the Unreal Marketplace does not yet support UE5 by default.

To install a Brushify pack to UE5 follow these steps: First create a new UE5 EA project and save and exit.

Go to the Epic Games Launcher and select the Brushify Pack you want to add from the vault choose Add to Project:

You should be prompted to select the project to add the asset to. Tick 'Show all Projects' this will allow you to see your UE5 EA project. Select version 4.26 from the compatibility list and click Add to Project.

This can actually be done with any marketplace asset pack. The vast majority of UE4 marketplace content will work in UE5. You can also simply right click your .uproject file and choose 'Switch Engine version' from the context menu. From there you can select UE5 and when you open the uproject (by double clicking) the project will launch to ue5 and convert over.

Please note: The UE5 Early access build is quite unstable and suffers from much lower performance, as well as bugs with the grass system. I do not recommend using it for serious production or commercial projects at this time.

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