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SmartBrush System Pricing

Hi Everyone, Over the years I've tried my best to keep Brushify prices low. I have in some cases even operated at a loss in order to give free updates (Forest pack updated with Photogrammetry, more Cliffs added to cliffs pack, new features like RVT, POM, Remastered grass, better textures etc. The list goes on. ). As a solo dev, whenever I release a free update this is time I could have used working on freelance projects or building new products. I've been in the lucky position to do this thanks to your ongoing support in terms of the high volume of traffic and sales of Brushify. It's popularity and incredible customer base has meant I can continue to do what I love. As you may have noticed I recently released the Brushify - SmartBrush System. This product has taken many months of development on the technology and user interface side. If you've ever had a chance to look at landmass plugin in it's default form, I encourage you to compare that to the system i've created. Although epics code is technically the same, the user interface leaves a lot to be desired and the User Interface, Ease of Use and Example content is something I feel i've brought to the table and solved with SmartBrush. The demand for the product has been huge, however some of you that have purchased numerous past Brushify packs were disappointed that the SmartBrush System is priced as a premium product, while also containing a large amount of content (Alpha Brushes) that you already own. My goal with Brushify has always been to provide as much value in my products as possible, so my logic was to include the alpha brushes with the SmartBrush system , to make it as useful as possible for everyone. Basically, put all the value in one place. Because without the brushes, the system is nowhere near as useful and well rounded. The code requires the brushes to showcase it in the best light, and make it easy to use. I also wanted everything to work out of the box.

When it comes to digital products, it's very important to understand that value doesn't always come in the form of quantity e.g. gigabytes of assets etc. Sometimes it comes in the form of problem solving, ease of use... code. The code and User Experience sometimes has as much value as the assets themselves. I feel that my code is worthy of the price I charge for it. For that reason I will not be altering the pricing for the time being. I feel that the product as is, justifies the price. Of course I will be doing my best to participate in any sales or epic giveaways, so it may be possible that SmartBrush will be available at a discount in the future. Although I cannot guarantee any timeframe on this. As usual In the future I’ll be releasing more Budget level products and even rolling out free updates as I always have done. Brushify is constantly updating and evolving. I hope that those that have supported me over the years will continue to do so, but I understand if the price is out of your reach and I'm sorry for that. In a perfect world I wouldn't have to care about the business side of things at all... but this is far from a perfect world unfortunately.

All the best,

Joe Garth Brushify Ltd

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