UE5 - Preview 1 Hotfix

Update: This issue has now been fixed by Epic in the latest UE5 version.

There is a minor hotfix required to get brushify working with UE5 - Preview 1.

Out of the box your landscape may look something like this:

There is a very simple fix for this.

Go to MF_LandscapeLayers


It should look like this:

In the Directional section locate the Layer Blend node. We need to make a small tweak in the details panel.

Set the Preview Weight of the Snow layer to 0.

Joe Garth - 23rd February 2022: I require some time to verify whether this fix will work in both UE4 and across UE5 as well. So further testing must take place. Once I have a fix that works I will roll that out across all platforms and Brushify should once again work out of the box without the need for hotfixes. In which case this article will be deprecated. My number 1 priority is still to support UE4 and the stable releases rather than the UE5 preview builds, but I want to be prepared so that Brushify supports UE5 as soon as possible, and that everyone has a seamless user experience.