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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Sculpting Brushes

Certain Brushify Landscape packs come with Sculpting Brushes for landscape sculpting. To see if your pack contains an alpha brush, check the product description on Unreal Marketplace.

What are Sculpting Brushes? An Sculpting Brush is a heightmap that is used for sculpting the landscape. It's used to add detail to the landscape.

Each Brushify alpha brush texture contains 4 Sculpting Brushes

These are stored in the R G B A channels of the texture. That's why the sculpting brushes have an interesting multi-colored look in the content browser as the preview shows all 4 alphas combined into one image.


First Locate the top bar

Click Activate Landscape Editing Mode

This will open the Landscape side bar on the left. Choose Sculpt

Locate Brush Type and select Alpha Brush

Locate the Texture property and click the magnifying glass to open the content browser

Navigate to Content/Brushify/AlphaBrushes Drag and Drop an Alpha Brush texture onto the texture slot.

I recommend unticking Auto Rotate. this will allow you to alter the rotation using

This will allow you to rotate the texture manually using the Texture rotation slider (it works in Degrees from -180° to 180°)

For this next example I have the Tool Strength set to 6, the Brush Size set to 20,000 and I have slightly altered the texture rotation.

As you can see, I get a large mountain appearing instantly on my landscape. If you're happy with the results you can then leave it, if you would like to try placing again, just hit CTRL - Z to undo and you have another chance to edit settings and sculpt again.

It's also possible to add detail to any existing heightmap. This area looks quite boring, so lets sculpt a bit more detail there.

Here I've changed the texture channel to Green, as you can see we now have a completely new sculpting brush.

The results have created more detail.

However the shape looks a bit unnatural.

This is because the landscape underneath has affected our Brush. Luckily there is a feature in the sculpting tool to correct this. Tick 'Use Clay Brush'

This clever features gives much more natural results as the new alpha sculpt is prevented from building on the higher elevations.

And that's it, now you can use Alpha Brushes to sculpt the landscape and even add more detail to otherwise simplistic areas.

The Beginner tutorial video shows how you can use Alpha Brushes to sculpt with the Brushify Landscape Auto-material:


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