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These are questions we get almost every day! it would be really appreciated if you glance through and see if you can spot your problem, as it saves our customer support time with replies!

How do I install to Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

How do I Install multiple packs? 

Brushify packs can be used with UE5. Follow the guide in Brushify Docs here:

Brushify packs can easily be merged together, in the Epic launcher, click 'Add to project' then choose 'Overwrite files'. This is required because Brushify packs share some generic textures and shaders.

NOTE: If you get an error message it's usually caused by Unreal Editors .EXE running on your computer. Make sure to close the editor before trying to install packs. 

Make sure to make your own seperate duplicates/copies of any brushify materials you edit. If you decide to add additional brushify packs in the future, you don't want to overwrite your changes! To avoid this completely, you can always install the pack to an empty project and only copy the files your require. 

Why aren't there alpha brushes in my pack?

You probably have the Brushify - Environment Shaders pack. This basic pack does not include the alpha brushes or other assets like rocks/foliage. For those you must purchase one of the other packages. 

My landscape is black when I apply the landscape material?

This is easily fixed, please follow this Getting Started tutorial here:
Basically, layer infos must by applied to each paint layer. Simply go to the paint tab in the modes panel, and create a new layer info, choose weight-blended layer. 


How do I remove the grass and rock meshes?

There are tickboxes for disabling the foliage on each paint layer in the MI_Landscape material.

Be careful with the dual tickboxes! First tick the box on the left. Then untick the right tickbox to disable that feature. 


Why doesn't my procedural foliage spawn?

There is a setting in the foliage type parameters that lets you restrict spawning to a certain paint layer. That can easily be switched so that the foliage spawns on the layer you want. e.g. Trees only on the forest layer. 

See this part of my procedural foliage tutorial for precise instructions:

Why don't you do a bundle pack?

A bundle pack would be very hard for me to maintain. That's because of the way that brushify is structured. Brushify shares files between packs, that's things like shaders, some textures etc that are used by all the packs for the landscape material and some other functions. Any change made to one package would have to be updated in the Bundle pack as well. The other big issue is file size... Even just the 8k alpha brushes combined are ~40GB in total size, which is a huge upload/download for both myself, Epic games and you the customer.

Can you combine packs? How?

Yes! and it's actually super easy! just buy the Brushify packs you need, then go to the launcher and click add to project, and choose your project. For each pack just hit 'Overwrite files'. The resulting project will have all your brushify packs inside. You can then load each of the Brushify example maps and they will all work. 

Where can I find your logo?

The Brushify Logo can be downloaded here:

Brushify Logo png transparent

What are the licensing terms?

The exact same as any Unreal Marketplace product! Check the Marketplace FAQ here:

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