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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Movie Render Queue Crashes

This is an extremely common bug with both UE4 and UE5. It was first introduced with the Movie Render Queue (MRQ) plugin. This crash happens when MRQ tries to load the grass. Instead of simply loading the grass around the camera, it attempts to load every grass mesh across the entire map. This results in millions of meshes being loaded simultaneously, causing GPU memory to run out and for the Unreal Engine editor to crash. Thankfully there is an easy fix.

Go to the Settings tab in MRQ and add 'Game Overrides'

Next make sure that 'Flush Grass Streaming' is set to False

That will now allow the grass to be loaded around the camera rather than the entire landscape. Because the grass takes some time to load we also need to add a bit of warm up time to our shot in order for the grass to have time to spawn: To do that add an 'Anti-Aliasing' to your settings, then tick 'Render Warm Up Frames' Go to Advanced dropdown box and change 'Engine Warm Up Count' to 100

If the grass still doesn't spawn, be sure to increase this value. You can also set the console command 'grass.CullDistanceScale = 4' This will render the grass at 4x the usual render distance.


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