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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

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Installation & Setup

Welcome to the start of your Brushify journey!


Please watch the Beginner Tutorial and read the FAQ

Using the Landscape Auto-Material

Learn how to use the Brushify Landscape Auto-Material, use Sculpting brushes to generate terrain and add distance meshes for the far backgrounds surrounding your level.

Customizing Paint Layers

Learn how to customize the Landscape Auto-Material, adding new materials, roughness, Understanding features like Nanite and RVT.


Grass & Rocks

Learn how to tweak Brushify's procedural Grass & Rocks using Unreal Engine grasstypes system

Cliffs & Canyons

Learn how to add more realistic Cliffs to your scenes, and how to enable Tri-planar mapping for more vertical landscape detail

Creating Massive Worlds

With Brushify it's possible to create massive worlds using these techniques.

Procedural Foliage

Certain Brushify packs include realistic foliage.

Learn how to procedurally scatter foliage across your landscape

Wind System and Integrating Ultra Dynamic Weather

Brushify includes it's own Global wind system, which is also compatible with weather plugins such as Ultra Dynamic Weather

Skies & Lighting

These Tutorials show you how to integrate Sky and Weather systems into projects using Brushify.

Water & Oceans

Brushify comes with a simple Ocean and Lake shader that's easy to integrate into your levels.