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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Distance Meshes

Brushify Landscape packs come with Distance Landscape meshes.

You can find the exact same mountains as both Distance meshes and Alpha Sculpting brushes in Brushify Packs.

The meshes and textured are generated from Real-World data using a sophisticated pipeline involving LIDAR data and procedural texturing.

These meshes are intended to be used as Background assets. For the actual playable terrain, you should be using the Automaterial instead.


Distance meshes can be found in the content browser under 'Content/Brushify/DistanceMeshes'. Each subfolder contains a seperate distance mesh, the meshes themselves are labelled S_.

You can Drag and drop these static meshes directly into the viewport and your distance mesh will appear.

From there you can use the Translate, rotate and scale gizmos to place the meshes in your level.

Some distance meshes come with multiple material instances/textures so you can alter the Biome rapidly.

It's possible to place the Distance meshes in the background of levels to create complex vistas like these:


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