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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Recommendation: Ultra Dynamic Sky

For a fully dynamic sky with Volumetric clouds, I highly recommend Ultra Dynamic Sky.

Simply delete any lighting from your level and drag and Drop the Ultra_Dynamic_Sky Blueprint into your level.

To get the most out of Ultra dynamic sky with Brushify these tips: Tip: Go into the Ultra Dynamic Sky Blueprint and enable Contact Shadows. A setting of 0.04 will give good results. This will make a huge improvement to the rendering of Grass and other foliage as they will receive proper shadowing. Tip: In your Ultra Dynamic Sky Blueprint, make sure to set the Time of day to something where the sun isn't directly overhead. This will give more interesting lighting as the sun will be at an angle. Quite a lot of scenes that beginners create in Game Engines look bad simply because the Sun is at exactly 12:00! This even looks bad in real life:

That's right, this is a photo from Real Life, as you can see, without shadows these objects look strange and fake, like a bad rendering. This is why good lighting is crucial! Luckily Ultra Dynamic Sky has great default settings out of the box so these sorts of mistakes are usually harder to make.


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