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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Integrating UDW Wind with Brushify Global Wind

It's possible to use Brushify's Global Wind system alongside Ultra Dynamic weather. The setup for this is actually very simple.

First , install Brushify and Ultra Dynamic Sky (UDW is included with UDS) into the same project. 1. Find MPC_Wind:

Content/Brushify/Materials/Wind/MPC_Wind This is a material parameter collection that contains wind variables. We're going to make a new Vector Parameter called Wind Direction like this:

Now go to MF_Global Wind and add the new MPC wind direction parameter to the Output Wind direction:

Hit save and it will compile. Now to control the wind in the level using the Wind Directional Source. You will need to add logic to the level BP.

This logic takes the Global Wind Amount value from MPC_Wind , gets the Direction of the Wind Directional Source Actor (from the level). It then Creates a value that is fed back into the MPC as the resulting Wind Direction Vector.

Now go into your level and click the Wind Directional Source Actor. At the moment when you rotate nothing will happen but don't worry.

Hit Simulate and then select the actor again. Now Rotate it. The grass will start to move in the direction the wind director is facing.

From this point, setup with Ultra Dynamic Weather is simple. Now we've set it up so that Brushify uses the same system as SpeedTree. So you can simply add the Wind Directional Source to the slot in the Ultra Dynamic Weather BP. Select the blueprint and search for Wind Directional Source Actor, then pick the actor from the level:

You'll now be able to alter the Wind Direction value in the UDW BP

Ultra dynamic weather directly controls the Wind Directional Source Actor. And since brushify now uses the Wind Directional Source Actor to derive it's wind, any changes you make in UDW will affect all Brushify Foliage.

This is of course the most basic implementation of just Wind Amount and Direction. But you could add even more complexity based on the Wind source actor. The Material Parameter Collection and Blueprints are very powerful tools that allow you to customize systems for your game.


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