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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Global Wind System Overview

Brushify has a built in Global Wind System that affects all actors using the Brushify Foliage Material. There are a few separate parameters that can be modified. In this document I will outline all the parameters and how you can interact with the system via blueprint.

Global Wind Amount

To simply alter the overall amount of wind affecting foliage go to your content browser and nagivate to this file:


This is a material parameter collection that contains a single value that can be tweaked.

Having this in a material collection parameter allows the value to be altered in runtime and via blueprint.

If you go to a Brushify example level containing foliage you can open the Level Blueprint and find this code:

This sets the global wind amount at the very start of runtime via Event BeginPlay. However you can of course set a different scalar parameter value at any point during gameplay. This allows you to control the wind directly in blueprint. Another important file is MF_GlobalWind (Content\Brushify\Materials\Wind\MF_GlobalWind). This file contains other additional parameters that affect the wind system. although not all of these come already exposed to blueprint, you can easily add them to the MPC_Wind material parameter collection if necessary.

Wind Direction Now you understand the basics, we're going to add Wind Direction into the mix as an example. The simplest way is to navigate to MF_GlobalWind (Content\Brushify\Materials\Wind\MF_GlobalWind) and find Wind Direction.

Editing this Vector value and saving the material function will globally affect the wind direction. However you might want to also expose this value to the MPC_Wind material collection parameter so that it can be altered in real-time via blueprint. To do this,

1. Go to MPC_Wind and add a new Vector parameter.

2. Call it 'WindDirection and give it a value. 75,0,0 is the default. This means the wind will blow on the X axis. RGB = XYZ

Now return to MF_GlobalWind and add a Material Collection Parameter like this (you can simply copy the one from GlobalWindAmount at the top)

Choose your newly created Wind Direction from the dropdown and connect the collection to the Output WindDirection. Now it's all hooked up you will be able to change the Wind Direction in realtime via the level blueprint.

So now the default value for wind direction is being set at Event BeginPlay. But of course this can be modified/set at any point in time via the blueprint. This same technique can be used for all the parameters found in MF_Global Wind.


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