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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

Installing Brushify Packs

The first thing you'll want to do is go to Here you can download the Epic Games Launcher. You'll need this in order to download Unreal Engine. It's also a nice app to have installed because Epic quite regularly give away Free games. Once you have the application and have created an Epic account, you can choose Unreal Engine from the left.

From there, choose the Library tab , and click the little Plus icon to add a new Engine Version.

You'll see all your installed engine versions in the list, and by clicking Launch you will be able to create a New Unreal Project. I recommend choosing Games > Third Person Make sure that Raytracing is unticked as this feature is deprecated in UE5 and will cause significant performance issues with the Unreal Engine Grass system in 4.26 onwards unfortunately.

You'll now get an example level like this:

At this point if you haven't already familiarized yourself with Unreal Engine's interface I recommend doing so.

The official documentation from Epic Games is a fantastic way to learn the general Editor UI quickly.

Adding Brushify Packs

We have our Project setup now, so the next step is to add a Brushify Pack.

First step is to Exit the Unreal Engine entirely When installing packages it's essential that the Unreal Editor .exe is not running!

This is one of the most common beginner mistakes when installing Unreal Marketplace assets. If you're in doubt, CTRL - SHIFT - ESC will bring up the windows Task Manager, and you can right click End Task in there. This ensures that it's closed.

Next we're going to go to the Unreal Engine launcher and scroll down to the bottom of the library tab. Once you've purchased a Brushify pack from the Marketplace tab, you will find the package listed here:

Go to the pack you'd like to install and click 'Add to Project'

Choose your Project and click Add to project again.

Now go back to the Library tab and wait for the pack to install. Once it's finished, open your project.

Once you've loaded the project, Open the content browser. Navigate to Content/Brushify/Maps/ And go to the example level you want to load. You can double click the level file to open it.

The level should then begin to load. Don't worry if it takes some time to compile shaders when you load a project. This will only occur the first time.

And that's it, feel free to explore the world and Enjoy using Brushify! After this I recommend going to the Creating Your First Landscape tutorial


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