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Changing Landscape Resolution & Scale

Video Tutorial:

Changing Landscape Scale

  1. Go to Landscape actor and increase to your desired scale (1:1 ratio only)

  2. You will now find that brushes have an offset. This is because the center of the landscape is not at 0,0,0

  3. Note the offset of your Landscape on XYZ and adjust the position of the lanscape actor until the origin is at the center (aka a 2k landscape has an offset of 1040000, so a 4k landscape would be 2040000, 8k would be 4080000 etc).

  4. Now the brushes should be aligned. However they are incorrectly scaled

  5. Go to the Brush settings in the detail panel and find Brushify Advanced settings

  6. Increase the value of the Landscape scale parameter to match the amount you scaled your landscape.

  7. Brushes should now be both aligned and scaled correctly.

Changing Landscape Resolution

  1. Go to Landscape panel > Manage

  2. Click Resize

  3. Resize the landscape to your desired resolution

  4. Brushes will now disappear. To fix this , go to the Landscape Brush Manager and set the paramter Landscape RT Res to the same resolution as your landscape.

  5. Move your brushes around a little and they should now appear again.

Alignment issues: Issues with brushes being misaligned are usually caused by either an altered landscape resolution, an altered landscape scale or altered landscape offset.

If you encounter misaligned brushes, please attempt one of the fixes above (e.g. setting your landscape offset correctly, altering landscape brush scale, or changing the Landscape RT Res in the landscape Brush manager. Issues with misalignment are always caused by those 3 things. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to automate this yet however it may be possible in the future.

Known Limitations * The Landscape must have it's center at the origin (0,0,0)

* Only square landscapes are possible.

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