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A free resource containing Documentation and Workflows for Brushify in Unreal Engine

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Installation & Setup

Welcome to the start of your Brushify journey!


Please watch the Beginner Tutorial and read the FAQ


Using the Landscape Auto-Material

Learn how to use the Brushify Landscape Auto-Material, use Sculpting brushes to generate terrain and add distance meshes for the far backgrounds surrounding your level.

Customizing Paint Layers

Learn how to customize the Landscape Auto-Material, adding new materials, roughness, Understanding features like Nanite and RVT.


Grass & Rocks

Learn how to tweak Brushify's procedural Grass & Rocks using Unreal Engine grasstypes system

Cliffs & Canyons

Learn how to add more realistic Cliffs to your scenes, and how to enable Tri-planar mapping for more vertical landscape detail

Creating Massive Worlds

With Brushify it's possible to create massive worlds using these techniques.